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Mountains in Clouds

Lovely Land June Day 1

We started the day with a gratitude circle (introducing ourselves and saying something we are thankful for) and playing a round of Meet My Friend. Then we did a sketch in pencil that will be water colored and filled in with nature findings from our hikes tomorrow. We made nature brushes (paint brushes made from nature). Some brush tips included flowers, grass, moss and pine needles. We will experiment painting with them tomorrow. We also talked about decomposers (fungi, bacteria, insects, worms) and how long it takes for certain materials to decompose (a glass bottle takes about 1 million years!!!). Then based on this information we stared an experiment to answer "which materials decompose fastest and why"? We recorded how our materials (wood, plastic bag, paper, lettuce, glass, cotton, apple, etc) looked at the start of our experiment. Talked about variable (the materials) and control (the environment, temperature, rate of exposure). Then we hypothesized which materials we think will decompose the fastest. Lastly, we went outside dug a hole and buried them. We will dig up and record the results in a couple days. We played Lorax vs Onclers. Then we performed the play "Magpie and the Bird's Nests". After that, we learned about animal homes, designed our ideal nest and started building our kid-size nest. So far we have used sticks, mud to hold the sticks and leaves for the inside. They want to keep working on it so I will try to find time to come back and add more to it.

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