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Mountains in Clouds

Day 9 (South America) 2nd Session...

We first played Corre Corre (Run, Run). Then we went to the Amazon Rain Forest to learn about the amazing Biodiversity there. We also talked about deforestation and ways we can help (T.R.E.E.S. T-teach others about the importance of the environment R- restore damaged ecosystems by planting and protecting trees E- encourage living in a way that doesn't permanently destroy habitats E- encourage the establishment of parks to protect forests and wildlife S- support companies that are conscious of their effect on the environment). Then we made our own recycled seed paper that can be written on. It will grow flowers if watered and planted under one-quarter-inch layer of soil. Then we ate tamales for snack and put on a play of the Brazilian story “The Forest Lad and Wicked Giant.” We also did a guessing game of sounds from the rainforest….the toucan and cockatoo were a bit tricky and played Jaguar vs. Poison Dart Frog vs. Macaw! Lastly, we went to Machu Picchu, Peru and made Peruvian pan flutes from straws. Then we hiked to the creek.

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