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Mountains in Clouds

Day 7 (North America) of 2nd session...

In the morning we talked about July 4th 1776, the Statue of Liberty and played a Relay Race related to it. Then we talked about the Cherokee Indians and their culture as well as hunting rituals and efficient use of the animal they killed. Then we went to the woods to look for branches to make our own bow and arrows. We came back to the art studio to smooth our bow and arrows with sandpaper and make notches to add the string for our bows. We took them outside to practice shooting through hoops. We also talked about the Native American’s plant medicine and tasted mint tea (used for stomach aches and headaches....but also refreshing on a hot summer day like today). We also had popcorn for snack since it originated in Mexico. Then we talked about food waste in North America (USA and Canada) and local organizations like Full Plate, Let Us Compost and Food Banks that help keep good food from going in the dumpster or landfill. Then we had lunch and went to the creek. Afterwards, we put on the play “The Origin of Medicine” (a Cherokee folktale of how the plants decided to provide cures for humans) and played shadow tag.

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