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Mountains in Clouds

Day 1 of 2nd Session (Antarctica)

After we played Belgica Antarctica freeze tag, read a book on the food chain in Antarctica, talked about the different penguins of Antacrtica (whether they live on the continent all year or part of the year, specifics of each type and how to identify each one) and made our favorite we went to the greenhouse to pick fresh tomatoes and pick apples off the apple tree to eat. We also had natural popsicles in honor of all the ice on Antarctica. Then we played Sneaky Penguins (where we built our own Adelie nest made of stones), explored the theory of climate change (possible causes and effects), performed a play about Captain Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance and went to the creek to explore/play! Then we went back to the art studio to learn about circular symmetry in snowflakes and make our own nature snowflakes. Lastly, we discussed what causes the Aurora Australis and made oil pastel landscapes of the Southern Lights.

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