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Mountains in Clouds

Day 3 (India, Japan and Indonesia)

We started the day with a game of 7 stones (a common game Indian children play). Then we put on a play of Rama and the Demon King (based on Ramayana) and visited the Ganges River during Diwali where we did Henna. After that each kid had a chance to make their own vegetarian sushi roll while the others played Kagome Kagome. Then we looked at some traditional Japanese watercolor paintings and made one of our own...which included kanji (a type of Japanese writing) for the nature element they chose (rainbow, rain, fire, tree, or sky), kanji for "person", their name and then age in kanji. Then we went to the Ring of Fire and explored how volcanoes form, theory of plate tectonics and why they explode. Then we labeled the parts of the volcano and watched a demonstration of an explosion with baking soda and vinegar.

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