Mountains in Clouds
Mountains in Clouds

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Day 1(Antarctica) exploring the creek...

After we played Belgica Antarctica freeze tag, read a book on the food chain in Antarctica, talked about the different penguins of Antacrtica (whether they live on the continent all year or part of the year, specifics of each type and how to identify each one) and made our favorite, played Sneaky Penguins (where we built our own Adelie nest made of stones), explored the theory of global warming, performed a play about Captain Shackleton's voyage of Endurance and made snowcones/slushies....we went to the creek to play! The pics with me are where we are playing a game called Ancient Moss (a moss 5,000 years old that can freeze and unfreeze to survive harsh winters in Antarctica) I will try to get better at taking pictures during the activities and games...