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Mountains in Clouds

Gratitude Circle every morning...

Every morning, before starting our adventures, we will sit in a circle and say what we are grateful can be anything...even the fruit loops I ate that morning. The idea is the more we practice gratitude the more we focus on thankfulness and are aware of how wonderful our lives truly are. Then we talk about the continent we will explore that day and find it on this inflatable globe (as it's passed around the circle). The continents are outlined in different color sharpies to help us see where one ends and the other begins. We also do a "favorite part of the day" at the end of each day and draw or write our favorite part on paper then fold it and put it in a different globe with a slot in it. As each camper creates and places their note in the “globe piggy bank” we meditate on our note. Then we will visualize all our positive thoughts/energy spreading around the world.

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