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Mountains in Clouds

Session 2 June 4

We started the morning with a Gratitude Circle. Then we jumped straight into making bamboo marionettes. This took up much of the morning. We stopped halfway to practice the play and then finished making the puppets.

I think I planned too much (as usual) since we didn't get to discuss Water pollution and the Water Cycle. However, we did get to test the water at the creek to see how clean it is. After filling a tube of water and placing the testing stick in it for 6 seconds, they compared the color on the test to a key which gave information about the ph, amount of chlorine, copper, lead, etc. The creek was good on all parts! We also noted that the presence of so many aquatic macroinvertebrates(dragonfly nymphs, crawfish, etc), minnows and water beetles was a sign that it was definitely a healthy, clean ecosystem.

Lastly, they performed their original play "The Tournament of Elements" for parents and guardians. There was the Ice team vs. the Fire team in a race to make it through a dangerous maze and be the first to touch the Amulet of the seasons. It was their own origin myth of how the seasons came to exist.


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