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Mountains in Clouds

June 13-17 Day 4

We began Europe Part 1 with a game of Croquet. Then at gardening class, they learned about herbs and tasted some thyme and several varieties of mint. Then in the garden beds some pulled weeds, others harvested cucumbers and others chased after frogs and grasshoppers. Then we looked at famous castles around Europe and discussed how stained glass windows are made. Next they either traced a leaf for their stained glass project or created their own designs. While working on their stained glass, I talked about Russia's space program accomplishments and Isaac Newton's life and discoveries. Then we looked at the difference between Newton's theory of gravity versus Einstein's theory. At snack time they finished writing their original play. We went to the obstacle course for a short time. Then we discussed European Coat of Arms and those that wanted to made a Coat of Arms for their family. We also talked about the invention of the Steam engine and the silly games they have in Finland (wife-carrying races, cellphone throwing contests, air guitar contests and more)! Then they picked out costumes, at lunch, ran through the play and went to the creek.

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