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Mountains in Clouds

Lovely Land July Day 2

First we practiced archery and played more Eagle Eye. Then we hiked to the schoolhouse, did gratitude circle and looked at different caves around the world. We discussed how stalactites form and create stalagmites and columns. Then we started our own stalactite to watch over the week. We also talked about local animals that live at Little Rose and the tracks they make. We practiced learning tracks by one team making them in clay and the other guessing which animal they belonged to. Then we performed the play "Magpie and the Bird Nest" which is about the Magpie building her nest and teaching other birds how to make nests for themselves. We also played Lorax and the Onclers (a tag style game). After snack, we added watercolor to our sketches from yesterday. Then we went to the creek. I caught a tiny salamander to show the kids. After exploring, we learned how to identify sweet gum trees and made leaf rubbings.

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