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Mountains in Clouds

Super Sky June Day 3

We began with some more archery and a game of "Sneaky Animals". After hiking to the schoolhouse, we did a gratitude circle and continued our Bird Study. Today we learned about Robins, Red-winged Blackbirds and Blue jays. Then we decorated our bird feeders, put bird seed in them and hung them up. Next we performed the play "The First Bats". Then we went to the creek early in case rain came after noon. We found a vine to swing on. I tested it with my weight first and then let the kids that wanted to swing on it. We found some dragonfly nymphs and caught them to look at and then released them. Some kids made natural clay creations while others searched for more dragonfly nymphs. Once back to the schoolhouse, we ate lunch and observed/drew clouds. Then we made rubber band helicopters. After building and playing with our helicopters we talked about air pollution (causes and solutions). Then we talked about particulate matter and started our air pollution experiment. We hung up index cards with petroleum jelly on them outside by the forest and indoors in the schoolhouse. I will also hang some near a parking lot and traffic. We hypothesized that the parking lot will have the most particulate matter but we won't record the results until Friday. Lastly, on our final hike, we picked wild blackberries to snack on and played more "Sneaky animals" (1 kid has a nest of "eggs" and guards them from all others who are trying to sneak them back without getting caught).

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