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Mountains in Clouds

Wonderful Water June Day 2

We had an exciting start to the day as we took turns aiming bows and arrows at balloons. For several kids, it was their first time learning how to hold and shoot a bow and arrow. They wanted to keep practicing so I told them we will do it again tomorrow morning. We played another round of Eagle Eye and tried a new game called "Give and Take" (practicing focus and awareness).

After gratitude circle, we discussed the Water Cycle and made mini water cycle models which they will take home (see pics below). Once home, they will need to add a little water to the ziploc bag and hang in a sunny window .

Then we played a game of Water Cycle with team Swiffles vs. team Water Cycle. One team tries to pass their water molecule through each phase of the water cycle to get a point as many times as possible in 5 minutes.

Then we went inside to cool off and I read them the Journey of Walter the Water Molecule. They chose their favorite part to illustrate in their Nature Journals.

We also performed the play "The Dance for Water" and went to the creek to cool off. Some played with their rafts, others tried to catch water bugs (which Sawyer and Wesley did!) or a yellow swallowtail butterfly and others relaxed (like Karlin who found a comfy spot in a tree). Then we went back and played a few other games like "Sound Orchestra" (kids pick a sound and a conductor directs a "beautiful" aka silly symphony and "It's not blank..It's blank" (take an object and imagine it to be anything other than what it actually is).

Then on our hike to meet parents, we found a bunch of little frogs and held them.

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