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Session 1: Our Great Globe  Part 1 

May 30-June 3, June 13-17, June 27-July 1  

8:30   Gratitude Circle and Games 

           from Around the World


9:00         Organic Farming (Tues,

                Thurs) Creating Original

                Play (Mon,Wed, Fri)

9:30     Snack (Bring your own)

9:45-12:00   Explorers' Expedition:

  Day 1: Antarctica

Storytelling/Acting:  Shackleton's Perilous Expedition, Here is Antarctica (Food Web) 

Art: Aurora Australis oil pastel landscape, Antarctic Antics (illustrating poetry), Types of Penguins Clay crafting, Snowflake Symmetry, 

Games: Ancient moss, Sneaky Penguins, Belgica Antarctica Freeze Tag,Endless Nights, Aurora Dodgeball, Heads Up Winter’s Up,

Science: Greenhouse Gas model, Why are the poles so much colder?, Aurora Science


  Day 2: Australia

Storytelling/Acting: The Rainbow Serpent, How the Kangaroo got her Pouch, Creation of Uluru

Art:  Aboriginal Cave Art, Finger Knitting with Wool Yarn, Aboriginal Dot Art

Games: Kookaburras, Cane Toad vs. Dingoes vs Inland Taipan, Coral Reef RedRover, Dingoes and Hares

Science: Chemisistry of Uluru (iron oxidation), Why Opposite Seasons from us?, Great Barrier Reef and Ocean Acidification 

Day 3: Africa

Storytelling/Acting:  Clever Aisha, Stealing the Sun, Legend of the Kente Cloth

Art: Kente cloth weaving, Hieroglyphs on Papyrus, Adinkra, 

Games: Ampe, Mancala, Pilolo 

Science:  Sahara Desert, Bushcraft water filter and SODIS method, Zeer pot, Great Rift Valley

       Day 4: Europe Part 1

Storytelling/Acting:  Musicians of Bremin, Baba Yaga

Art:   Coat of Arms, Stained glass Suncatcher, Midsummer Wreath

Games: Croquet, Kubb, Odd Finland Sports, Fox and Geese 

Science:  Russian space program,  Isaac Newton (gravity, orbits and tides), Thomas Newcomen's steam powered boats

Day 5: Europe Part 2

 Storytelling/Acting:  Icarus and Daedalus, Story of Four Brothers,

Art:  Grecian Urn Designs, Impressionism with watercolors and oil pastels, Polish Papercutting 

Games: Greek Statues , Icarus vs. Daedalus, La Tomatina, 6 Men's Morris

Science:  Da Vinci's inventions, Parts of a lever and design/build your own mini catapult, Tower of Pisa Engineering Challenge


12:00 Lunch

12:30- 2:00 Hiking, exploring,playing at creek and nature crafting

***Friday at 2pm will be  a performance of the explorers' original play***

The Daily Schedule

*** Limit of 16 campers per week, ages 7-12***

Session 2: Our Great Globe

Part 2

June 6-10, June 20-24,

July 4-8 

8:30     Gratitude Circle and Games 

             from Around the World 


9:00      Organic Farming (Tues, Thurs)

             Creating Original Play (Mon,

             Wed, Fri)

9:30     Snack (Bring your own)


9:45-12:00   Explorers' Expedition:


Day 1: Asia Part 1

Storytelling/Acting: Rama and the

                                   Demon King

Art:    Rangoli Sand Art

          and Henna, Batik

Games:  Semut/Orang/Gajah,7 Stones, Kho-Kho, Aankh Micholi

Science: Ring of Fire, Plate Tectonics, Parts of Volcano


      Day 2:  Asia Part 2

     Storytelling/Acting:  Nian the New Year's Monster, Old Woman Who Lost Her Dumplings

Art:  Dragon Puppets, Sumi-e

         Watercolor, Origami, Nature Mandala

Games: Game of 7 Pieces, Shuttlecock, 


Science:  Ancient Asian Inventions (compass, mechanical clock, moveable type printing, gunpowder and more)       

           Make a Simple Compass

Day 3: North and Central America

Storytelling/Acting:  The Singing Toad, How Grandmother Spider Stole the Sun

Art:  Felt Molas, Dreamcatcher, Flipbook animation

Games: Ulu Maika, Kickball, Cornhole

Science:  Invisible Ink of the American Revolution, Formation of Grand Canyon, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and solutions


Day 4: South America

Storytelling/Acting: How the Birds Got     

                           Bright Feathers

Art:  Making Seed Paper, Rainsticks

Games: Corre,Corre,  Moia Tag,  Luta De Galo, Oba 

Science: Animals of the Amazon Rain


        Day 5: Middle East  

Storytelling/Acting: The Birds that

                              Befriended a King

Art: Hamsa meaning and Designs, 

        Mosque Shilouhettes

Games: Baduk and the Coin, Dreidel, Trip to Jerusalem 

Science: Dead Sea, Osmosis Energy, 

           Salt powered toy

12:00 Lunch

12:30- 2:00 Hiking, exploring,

                   playing at creek and nature


***Friday at 2pm will be  a performance of the explorers' original play***

Every evening, after camp, pictures and a daily summary will be posted to the website blog and facebook page.

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