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Health and Safety Protocol

Physical Distancing

  • Camp is limited to 12 children. 

  • 6 feet of distance maintained during crafts and encouraged during other activities.

  • Outside in open-air environment 95% of time.

  • Drive-through drop-off/pick-up with window of time to stagger traffic.



  • Participants bring masks to wear at times when 6 feet of distance is not maintainable.


Hand Hygiene​

  • Hand sanitization at arrival and departure, before and after eating or touching any supplies.


Symptom Screening

  • Temperatures taken on arrival, 100.3F or lower to participate.

  • Children with symptoms or family member with symptoms stay home.

  • If symptoms appear during the course of the day, parents will be notified immediately.


Before sending your child to camp, we ask that you ensure that none of the following signs or symptoms of COVID-19 are present, and that they have not been in close contact with anyone with a coronavirus infection in the prior 2 weeks. If so, please keep your child home.

Since we are in an outdoor space and will be focusing on activities that allow children to keep physical space from one another, masks will not be required the entire day. But for times when children and staff do need to come closer, masks will be required.

 2421 Elder Mill Rd, Watkinsville, GA 30677

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