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Mountains in Clouds

May 30- June 3 Day 5

We started the day with a game of Kubb (a Swedish game where teams try to knock down the other side's wooden blocks first). Then we went to the art studio and talked about Greece. We looked at all the different urns they use for different purposes and then made Urn Scratch Art (oil pastels with acrylic paint over it then using a skewer scratched a design for an urn). Then we looked at the Greek myth of Icarus and Daedalus and played a version of tag where the taggers were the Heat from the Sun and everyone else was Icarus with a feather taped to their back. After snack and practicing their play, we went to Italy and talked about Leonardo Da Vinci. We looked at some of his inventions and built our own catapults to test out with paper balls. We had a short contest for those interested to try and use their catapult to shoot the farthest. Next we ate lunch and went to the creek to cool off and play. There were still a lot of baby frogs on the trail and some of us were lucky enough to see an adult black rat snake off to the right of the trail who immediately slithered away from us scared. Perhaps he was there getting a frog lunch :) At the creek some explorers made wreaths like the Swedish do for their traditional Midsummer Festival. Lastly, they performed their original play "The Legend of the Long Lost Gems".


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