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Mountains in Clouds

July 4- 8 Day 2

Today was Asia Part 2. We started the morning with a tag game called "The Wall" (in honor of the Great Wall of China). Then at garden class, they made a water mix with concentrated worm castings to help add nutrients to the plants. Some also harvested squash and cucumber to eat or take home. Then we did the second step for the Batik Fabric which was painting over the glue with acrylic paint. Tonight they will soak in water and everywhere the glue was painted will wash away to show the design they created. Then we went to China to learn about the Chinese New Year. Some explorers helped act out the story of Nian the Horrible Monster (which is a folktale that explains why the color red and loud noises are essential during each New Year). In honor of this year being the year of the Tiger, we made an origami tiger. Then we watched a Dragon Dance and created our own dragon puppets. During snack we worked on the play and went to the obstacle course. Afterwards, we talked about some Chinese Inventions (paper, gunpowder, ship rudder, toilet paper, compass, etc.) Then some played Kagome Kagome (person in center of circle closes eyes while others walk around them singing a Japanese song and when they stop the person in center tries to guess who landed behind them). After lunch, we went to the creek and did some archery and Badminton during dismissal.


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