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Mountains in Clouds

Inside and Out Day 3

After Gratitude Circle, we talked about various cells in the body with all kinds of different jobs. Then we looked at the different parts of an animal cell and made animal cell cookies adding each part as we talked about it. For example, Nucleus was a large golden sprinkle and Golgi Bodies were long chocolate sprinkles, and so forth. While eating their cookie, we discussed how these different parts acted similar to parts of a city. Then we looked at the digestive system and I showed a model with the length of each part. With the most surprising being the small intestines (13-20 feet long). Next we discussed the Circulatory System as they colored in arteries and veins in their Human Body books. After that, they took a snack break and played at the obstacle course. Next we discussed the Respiratory System and Immune System. Then they played an Immune system Game similar to chess but life size, moving on a grid in the field with B cells and Killer T cells versus Virus and Bacteria. Different body events also affected the game, like “I decided to stop taking my antibiotics even though the doctor said to finish the whole bottle. Any bacteria who are out of the game may re-enter on any available square only on the edges”. Lastly, they had lunch, played at the creek and started rehearsing for their original play.


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