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Mountains in Clouds

Guardian Guild Session 1 Day 3

After Gratitude circle, we practiced our archery skills. Some shot their first arrow. Others were shooting like pros. Then we went to Grandmother Tree to see if there was a piece of the Great Map or any new clues for our quest. First, we got the Northern piece of the Great Map from the Gnomes!!! They were thankful for all the chores we did for them so they gave us the Northern part of the Map that they were guarding. When we put it with the Eastern part of the map the center still didn't make sense where the Beaver King's flute is located so we still need the other two directions of the map (South and West). Grandmother Tree also told us that the Water Spirits that keep the water flowing and clean heard about our quest and wanted to help us. They gave us a letter telling us about Beatrice Bird who guards the Southern part of the map. They told us how she needed help because her wing was hurt and she can't get to any water to drink it. They gave us a puzzle image that we had to put together to know where to go to next. We had to put together 4 puzzles to find Beatrice Bird's nest! Then the Guardians had to figure out how to get the bucket of healing water (they put healing, happy thoughts into the water) up to her nest so she could drink it and get better. Then we went back to our camp circle to have snack and create more of our play. I won't go into detail since parents will see it Friday but it involves magic, villains and heros (as all great stories do). Afterwards, we went to the white house to learn about rocks. We played a quick rock charades game to help us remember how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed. We also talked about several different rocks and their common uses including quartz, mica, graphite, coal, limestone, etc. Then we ate lunch and went to the creek. Several explorers were into looking for some of the rocks we learned about earlier. Others focused on catching water beetles. Brodie found and expertly caught a big crawfish! We also saw a big wolf spider with her babies riding on her back.

Then we hiked back to the gratitude circle to go home.

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