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Mountains in Clouds

Day 9 (North America)

In the morning, we talked about the Statue of Liberty and played a Relay Race related to it. Then we talked about the Cherokee Indians and their culture as well as hunting rituals and efficient use of the animal they killed. Then we went to the woods to look for branches to make our own bow and arrows. We came back to the art studio to smooth our bow and arrows with sandpaper and make notches to add the string for our bows. This took a bit longer than I expected. But since all the kiddos were engaged and enjoying creating a bow and arrow we did this for the first couple hours! We also talked about the Native American’s plant medicine and tasted mint tea (used for stomach aches and headaches....but also refreshing on a hot summer day like today). We also had popcorn for snack since it originated in Mexico. There was a lot we didn’t get to today( like Diego Rivera, North Pacific Garbage patch, Ocean Clean Up with Boyan Slat, 1st world food waste and how cinematic images are created and making our own zoetrope) since this group was so involved in their bow and arrows. In the future, I may have to split this day into 2 parts. At the creek, some of us played baseball in/by the creek while others looked for more natural clay to play with. Oh, the girls also made a "secret" hideout for us to hang out in amongst the shady fig trees. :)

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